Been a few days…

It’s been a few days since I had the opportunity to blog, and of course I’m spinning.  Nevertheless, I made some headway on part of my group projects the request for proposal for the Army Navy Game.  I think I’m pretty much done with my part and that is means for celebration.

Overall, this has been a busy, busy weekend.  Had the opportunity to learn some knowledge from an entrepreneur and a all out good person in Henry.  Simply, he’s the type of person you root for because he is an all out good guy.  Hung out with some old high school friends that night into the A.M.

Student Leadership Conference

Saturday morning, I spoke at a student leadership conference at Forest Park about my career in founding Exemplary Editing and interning the EPA.  I heard from Keith Noyd.  Some gems he dropped included You are only as good a leader as the team around you.  Get out of your comfort zone.

There was so much I wanted to speak on, but I’m glad I had the opportunity and hopefully influenced at least one kid. As a student myself, I heard from a part owner, an accountant, dentist, government contractor, doctor….so many different things that I was a sponge just like the kids.  Considering I’m only 4 or 5 years older than them I thought this was a great opportunity for me to speak from my perspective.  Me and my parents ate at a Mongolian Restaurant with was delicious (mainly because it was a buffet).

Finally, capped of the week how I should every week:  Church, a bday and my girl…

SIDEBAR: Shoutouts to my line Happy B-Day

It was a breeze, but I’m looking forward to the next one.

F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real

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