Will G$ Please Stand Up!

The other day I was called “Money Suave”.  Not sure if that is possible, but I like the ring of it.

From this point on, I will get back to being G$(Gmoney–my Great Grandmother used to be called ‘Money’).  This name was birthed in response to my being called “boo” when I was younger and wanting to change my nickname–although some still call me that R.I.P. Grandma.  I chose this name because I wanted to get something that defined me something that motivated me and something that probably wouldn’t change thus G$ was born.

Even before I completely understood what an “entrepreneur” was, which was really like within the year, I was doing things to make money (e.g. monthly newspaper about our family sold to our family, bead necklaces sold to kids in the playground, selling snacks from home, CDs–legal of course, and I even owned stock).  I did this not for the money, but just for the sheer love of it.  My parents supported me in my entrepreneurial endeavors and even though I don’t have a balance sheet or I didn’t become a publically traded company, I enjoyed it.  Little did they know they were supporting a eventual business maven(at least I hope).

Do I think I’m an expert?

Can I even say I made more than $5K,$10K, etc?

“No” and “No”, but here is what I will say I was for a kid I think I did pretty well understanding business.  Now my financial IQ isn’t the best, but I think it’s pretty good.  So, with that I am calling on the rebirth of G$.  He was aware of how to make money and he’s coming back so watch out.  I will devour financial books as I have in the past year and develop a greater understanding of money how it works and why it simply doesn’t work for some people.  Am I an analyst? No, I consider myself to be more of a practitioner.

Do I consider myself an expert? Heavens no, but I do know this that most of what everyone is doing is wrong.  This should be obvious considering the number of people that are struggling.  It makes perfect sense, financially do I want to be with the masses or those elite (~10%) that have 90% of the income.  I choose the latter.

Count your pennies and the dollars will follow.

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