Trait #8 – Capitalizing Upon Opportunities

It may only come once…

Entrepreneurs have the ability to use their vision to recognize opportunities that others do not see, but also can capitalize upon those opportunities.  There are people in the world that are able to recognize opportunities and to outline the possible ways in which to seize these opportunities, but it is entrepreneurs who are able to capitalize upon them.  For entrepreneurs, the ability to recognize opportunities come from their curiosity.  The entrepreneur is always asking, “What if?” and exploring different ideas.  Depending upon the venture, entrepreneurs are able to recognize these opportunities and take advantage of them in ways that other individuals cannot.  Whether it is a new product or service, entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to create or develop products or services for the sports industry.  Some people are able to look at something and determine what is missing from the picture, but it is entrepreneurs that take opportunities and creates new ventures.   Entrepreneurs are able to see something that is missing, or something that they can do better and that builds the foundation for launching of a new venture.

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