Working Hard? How About Working Smart

Entrepreneurs are well documented as one of the hardest working groups of people. Clocking around 50 hours per week requires entrepreneurs to not just work hard, but it is also imperative that entrepreneurs work smart. Procrastination is not an option for many  business owners and they must maximize every second of their days in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few tips for entrepreneurs across the web on how to work smart:

  1. Plan once, then plan again, then…again: There is a finite number of hours for everyone and the first step for entrepreneurs to maximize every second and every minute is to plan. While things might not always go according to plan, entrepreneurs will still benefit tremendously from planning. Measure twice, cut once. 
  2. Prioritize your priorities: This goes hand and hand with planning. As a business owner everything is always “important” and a “priority,” but entrepreneurs have to be cognizant that they are running a marathon and that accomplishing a few big goals each day rather than pulling an “all-nighter” every day is sometimes better. Ask yourself, what absolutely has to be completed tomorrow and tack that task or project first.
  3. Be Realistic: You know yourself better than anyone else and you also know your business. If you’ve never in your life wrote 10 blog posts in a day, don’t overextend yourself trying to do that today. Set goals that you know you will be able to reach.
  4. Delegate: No one does it completely by themselves and neither will you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or assistance.

Other Tips

  • Throw Perfection out of the Window (via Life Hack): Sure, being perfectionists and having a keen eye for details help us become excellent. However, as ironic as it might sound, perfectionism at its extreme prevents us from being our best.
  • Rest More (via Pick the Brain): If you’re doing anything remotely creative or which requires concentration, you’re not going to be at anywhere near 100% if you’re not resting enough.
  • Limit Your Goals (via Pick the Brain): Rather than trying to do everything at once, pick one or two key goals for each year, and focus wholeheartedly on those.
  • Get Clear on the Objective (via Dumb Little Man): There are always many different ways to achieve the same outcome. 80/20 route refers to the route that takes the least effort but gives you the maximum results.

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