Have you heard of the Book Growdswell?

There's a book some years ago that I read partially read and scanned called Groundswell. I think I picked it up to check out when I was doing my Masters Program. While I wasn't in the track, I did want to pick up as many of the books in the other industries to read about.

It planted a lot of seeds of what I talk about being a Media Company. What really drew me to this book was that it talked about the power of social media and digital marketing. Even though I didn't laser focused with Blue 16 on social media, I did feel that it would have undeniable power. Why?

Because the power is in the hands of the people. For better or worse, within some reason, these social media platforms allowed people to create their own brands, media, and movement and channel their own voices.

To think this book was written over 10 years ago but it still has so much power and weight to those that understand it and are able to harness it even if it's just to create a social movement, sell more widgets or change the world.

What really made me highlight and add tabs to this book (still there now) was that those that would win in the future would be able to understand and even to some degree harness the power of digital and not see it as a threat. It's an opportunity. Even years later, even Charlene Li believes it still is.


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