Tools I Use

Here’s some of the partnerships that we have that we could use and recommend. These aren’t all the tools I use but if you do ever need a connection to local business owners (many are in the Business Directory), I network a ton and can always connect you. Just let me know! I use these below but if you wanted to see even more tools, check them out here.

  • GSuite Professional e-mail powered by Gmail for your business or organization.
  • Evernote – Where I keep all my notes. I’ve gone completely digital.
  • Stock Photography – Are you using stock photography or want to know where to get them? This is a site.
  • Freshbooks – We use for our invoicing and time tracking.
  • WPEngine – WordPress Hosting.
  • Acuity – Tool that I use for scheduling. Switched from Vcita. Check it out here
  • Grasshopper – A cloud phone system that I use.
  • CEO Web Shop – Domain registration and hosting and some other web services.
  • Call Tracking Metrics – Track calls on your website and offline materials to see where calls are coming from.
  • WeWork – Looking for a coworking space? These are some options for you across the globe.
  • Directory – Add your business to the Directory and increase your visibility.
  • Insightly – CRM used to manage relationships and communications.
  • Constant Contact & MailChimp – Email Marketing to build your list and attract clients and customers. I usually say Constant Contact costs more initially but they have a ton of support while MailChimp is more DIY. We use both and theirs strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Canva – Photoshop without the complexity. Make your own flyers, social media graphics and more. Great tool for designers and non-designers.