6 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from LeBron James

This is a recent post I wrote for AllBusiness Experts.

If you’ve ever watched ESPN, you might have heard of a guy named LeBron James. He’s pretty good. Also, known as “King James” or the “Chosen One”, Lebron Raymone James is trying to cement his legacy as one of the greatest players that has ever played in the NBA. He wants to be better than Kobe Bryant, Bill Russell and even Michael Jordan. While LeBron James is certainly on his way to becoming a great player, he is even displaying  a high business acumen with numerous endorsement deals and ownership stakes in sports teams.

Sports and business are very close. Successful athletes must adhere to the same discipline, focus and determination that successful business men and women do, so it is only seems right to look at the best player in the NBA and learn some lessons. With LeBron James leading the Miami Heat to the 3rd NBA Finals in the last 3 years (his 4th as a player) let’s explore 6 things that entrepreneurs and business owners can learn from the best player on the planet.

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