You Are a Media Company – Women’s Council of Realtors

I gave an updated version of the You Are a Media Company speech for Real Estate Agents today for the Women's Council of Real Estate Agents in Northern Virginia. I introduced Dana the Real Estate Agent which helped to show exactly how real estate agents could leverage the digital tools. Slides [embeddoc url="" download="all"] Resources Mentioned: Social Media Cheat Sheet: ...

Golden Geese Presentation

Last week, I had the pleasure to present at the Golden Geese Business Referral Network speaking about how entrepreneurs and business owners can build and create their own media companies and delivering content for their target markets. [embeddoc url="" download="none"] Here's a podcast of a previous talk that became a podcast

Have you heard of the E-Myth?

When I'm at networking events and I hear myself speaking with entrepreneurs and business owners, it always seems like this questions come up. It never fails especially when I hear the struggles that some business owners have and I think automatically about the E-Myth. Here's some takeaways: 80% of businesses fail within the first 5 years ...

Business Hack: How Basecamp Helped Us Change Our Business [B16]

It's a new year and while we are launching our new membership help you become a better entrepreneur and business owner. The single best decision I made last year was for our team to use Basecamp as our project management tool. So what is Basecamp? Simply defined, Basecamp is a project management tool that helps to ...

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