Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Digital Marketing Advice for Real Estate Agents

In a super competitive business it's important to break through the pack and showcase what makes you unique. That's why I'm such an advocate of the You are a Media Company Mindset. This is a mindset to adopt especially...

The Impact of COVID-19 on My Business [VLOG]

I’m really big into building media companies especially for real estate agents so I was excited to get the opportunity to join Dave on the show to speak about how Business is NOT as usual. Dave a previous guest on the show...

Speaking about How to Increase Your Local Visibility [VLOG]

I'm really big into building media companies especially for real estate agents so I was excited to get the opportunity to join Doreen on the show. Doreen is a Real Estate Agent in Northern Virginia and Park Bench is...

Covid-19 Resources

I hope all is as safe and sound for you and yours. We've been compiling, updating and creating content to help you through these uncertain times and with Covid-19. Check out the list at CBNation HERE. Check out posts, that I've...

12 Ways Churches Can Stay Connected Online

Things have changed quickly for businesses and organizations. As state after state enforces shutdowns and curfews due to Covid-19 there are many that are left trying to figure out how best to connect. We posted a few Covid-19 Resources...

How to Operate Your Business in a Bad Economy

Resources: Last updated March 28, 2020 These are definitely unprecedented times and there's not really a playbook out there. I had heard over and over again about there possibly being an economic downturn "soon" so I was trying my best...

How to Get Your Business in the News

Recently, I made some updates to the mission of CBNation and Blue 16 Media. The goal was to simplify the messaging around what we were doing to help out entrepreneurs and business owners. We are increasing the success rate...

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