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How Not To Be Like The Dallas Cowboys in Business (On The Field Only)

It’s hard to be a Dallas Cowboys fan and it’s been that way for over the past decade. Around Valley Ranch there is a climate and spirit of mediocrity and being okay with that aka “moral victories.”

Home for the Holidays (and the Foreseeable Future): Seven Reasons Why Today’s Boomerang Kids Can’t Hack It in Business

I received this post in my inbox. Of course I disagree with the viewpoint, but it’s always good to hear different thoughts. I do believe entrepreneurship isn’t something that is taught, but the importance of it is

Working Hard? How About Working Smart

Entrepreneurs are well documented as one of the hardest working groups of people. Clocking around 50 hours per week requires entrepreneurs to not just work hard, but it is also imperative that entrepreneurs work smart. Procrastination is

The King Stay The King

Business Lessons From A Ruptured Achilles

Recently, I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for Under30CEO about tearing my Achilles Tendon and the business lessons that I learned from it.  Hands down one of my most painful injuries and also one that will

Will G$ Please Stand Up!

The other day I was called “Money Suave”.  Not sure if that is possible, but I like the ring of it. From this point on, I will get back to being G$(Gmoney–my Great Grandmother used to be


Now that I’m done with my classes, and I officially turned in my thesis/capstone. Challenges keep you fresh and keep you hungry here are mine: Every race (code) Exemplary Editing.  An ambitious plan-revive copyediting.  It’s going to

Entrepreneur: Steve Jobs

[youtube Hd_ptbiPoXM&feature=channel] Steve Jobs is the co-founder and executive officer of Apple.  He is a incredible technology entrepreneur that is always on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity.  Check out his words of wisdom at the

Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy

Tips from the Oracle of Omaha: Four things count when making an investment: a business you understand, favorable long-term economics, able and trustworthy management, and a sensible price-tag.  That’s investment everything else is speculation. His biggest investments

Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the possible

I admit it.  I was this way too.  A bona fide perfectionist.  I would dot every “i” and cross every “t”.  I would labor over everything to the largest detail.  Make sure everything was in place and then