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Entrepreneur Spotlight

Check out this link and advice from an entrepreneur that started her own Women’s Weight Loss Gym.  Her advice is to keep working hard and keep going even when we are presented with hurdles. Sometimes we stare

Trait #10 – Persistence

Entrepreneurs have drive and desire to reach their common goal.  This desire to succeed and to keep moving forward is known as persistence.  There is a unique ability for entrepreneurs to bounce back from any failures or

Trait #9 – Adaptability

It has been found that entrepreneurs are able to skillfully adapt to situations.  Change is something that makes them able to stop on a dime and make a 180 degree turn (Bowers, 2006).  When entrepreneurs feel that

Trait #8 – Capitalizing Upon Opportunities

Entrepreneurs have the ability to use their vision to recognize opportunities that others do not see, but also can capitalize upon those opportunities.  There are people in the world that are able to recognize opportunities and to

Exemplary Editor

So, in order to inspire myself as well as anyone else that is working for my company.  I wrote a poem this morning.  It’s a battle cry for anyone that will be working for Exemplary Editing.  It’s