Why a Media Company?

The question was asked to me recently as to why I would call the company “Blue 16 Media” considering Media is typically something that is used for large media organizations like the Washington Post or Gannett or CNN.

My response is the same as it was years ago when I came up with the name–We are all (individuals and businesses) becoming media companies. It is the premise of the entire company. Every company is a media company already and we just help them to realize that and maximize their presence.   The reality is that every person with a smart phone or a computer or a tablet can build a media company even if it’s just around building your own brand. There’s Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Medium and so many more ways to directly connect with your target market. That’s why years ago I called the company Blue 16 Media–every company is in the media business. That’s essentially what all these tools are–ways to express oneself, communicate and send out information.

Not only is every company in the media business but every person is. It’s an exciting time because when you change your mindset to realize the way to connect with potential clients and customers is through these different forms of media–the opportunities open up.

Blue 16 Media represents the idea that every company is and must become a media company to survive in the present and future business environment. That’s what we help businesses to do!

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