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One thing about being entrepreneurial is that there's always ideas to create and build and grow different ventures and opportunities. A true entrepreneur has hundreds of ideas of new ventures and projects to start, it comes down to figuring out which (and when) ones to launch and which ones to keep under wraps. Sometimes these ideas come from passion projects and other times they can be gaps in the market or pain points.

I'm no different and have decided to launch a new store. I've always felt that things that you wore spoke to who you were as a person. It spoke to things that you were passionate about or things that you truly believed in.  The thing that I always appreciated about entrepreneurs and business owners was the optimism that it takes to run a company or even think about running a company. Whether it's motivation or just a reminder that you that you are CEO, we are launching a community and a store in alignment with the “I am a CEO” lifestyle.

The store will feature shirts, hats and more to support entrepreneurship and a percentage of the revenue will go towards supporting a Youth Entrepreneurship program.  That's the most exciting thing about all of this. In learning and accepting more about what my purpose is and my strengths are, it's something I'm looking forward to.


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How I'm Launching This Store

To launch the store, I decided on using Shopify. Full disclosure is that CEO Blog Nation (CBNation) is an affiliate of Shopify but that wasn't the only reason we decide to use them. I manage a digital marketing company and one of the things that I remember is to always use the best tools to reach the best results. With Blue 16 Media we focus on WordPress website design and we have developed some websites that have eCommerce capabilities (the WooCommerce app), but I decided to use Shopify. Here are some reasons I decided on Shopify:

  • It's built for e-commerce websites. This is primarily a store, not a membership site or a blog–not the other way around. If it was the other way around, I'd use WordPress.
  • It's quick to start up and has a free-trial. If you'd like to sign up, click here.
  • It has integration with dropshipping options.
  • It's great to test out a new idea. With the free trial and the low startup cost, it is a great way to get started fairly quickly.
  • There's lots of resources from people that have launched similar type business to model.
  • It integrates with other shops like eBay, Amazon & Facebook.

There's other reasons to use Shopify but those were some of the reasons I chose Shopify.

If you have that entrepreneurial itch as well and think you'd like to launch a store with Shopify sign up for a FREE Trial to try Shopify yourself, click here.


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