You Are a Media Company – Women’s Council of Realtors

I gave an updated version of the You Are a Media Company speech for Real Estate Agents today for the Women’s Council of Real Estate Agents in Northern Virginia. I introduced Dana the Real Estate Agent which helped to show exactly how real estate agents could leverage the digital tools.


Resources Mentioned:

  1. Social Media Cheat Sheet:
  2. Schedule a Consultation:
  3. Business Blogging Course:
  4. You are a media company:
  5. My business blog:

Here’s a breakdown of some of the topics covered:

Part 1: Laying the foundation – Website Design

  1. Who do you want to target (Avatar?) & What’s your budget?
  2. Intro to Digital Marketing
  3. Website Design
  4. Creating a Blog
  5. Considering Social Media Accounts
  6. Search Engine Optimization – Why’s It Important When Targeting Your Website

Part 2: Getting your name out – Marketing

1) Self Awareness: What are your strengths & weaknesses?

2) What is Social Media & Why is it Important

3) Creating Social Media Accounts – Which accounts to choose and why? What are the strengths of each account

  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

4) Search Engine Optimization – SEO

5) Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents – Based on Your Strengths

  • The Power of Local – Blogs, Directory Listings (e.g. Alignable)
  • Public Relations – What it is & why it’s important
  • Audio – Podcast / Visual – YouTube / Instagram / Kinesthetic – Facebook Live
  • Online + Offline = Success
  • Repurposing Content

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