Business Hack: Why I Switched to Acuity [B16.co]

It’s the last quarter of the year and here’s a scheduling tool that I ended up using after I looked…

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Business Hack: How Basecamp Helped Us Change Our Business [B16]

It’s a new year and while we are launching our new membership site–B16.co–to help you become a better entrepreneur and…

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Business Hack: Use Boomerang to Schedule E-mails in the Future [B16]

A few months ago during my Leadership Young Professionals Circle Meeting one of my friends said that they used to…

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Launching B16.co–A Membership Site

“What do you use for…” This is the start of a lot of questions that I have heard more and…

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Business Hack: Followup Then [B16]

If you haven’t heard of Followupthen.com, check it out now. Especially if you do any type of cold calls or…

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